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You have couple days for Moscow and couple days for St-Petersburg. What you usually get is a standard tour around the city. What we offer – is a nice local companion, our friend who lives in Moscow, loves Moscow and is all day with you. Just imagine you come to visit your friend, really.
All our guides know foreign languages, they are nice funny people of different interests, age and background – we are sure you can find the one just for you in our base.
They give you good mood and save your money on taxis, souvenirs, expensive lunching because in Moscow you have to know places and your travelfriend is the one who knows.
So with us you get a very individual approach for a very reasonable money.

Choose your guide – get the contact – pay (basic tariff 200 euro/230 $ for a day walk, for extra ideas just talk to your travel friend – start the tour
Still thinking – here are some figures. Foreign tourists get a taxi for 100 euros, locals for 10 euros; a decent lunch for locals – 10 euros, and they will charge you 150 instead. Souvenirs in tourists spots – 500 euro, in a usual shop for Muscovites you can buy the same matreshka for 5-8 euros. All in all you’ll spend 1000 euros a day, with us it will be 30 if you take our travelfriends (and good attitude and deep knowledge of Moscow and around).

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How to join us

Register in our base, fill in the form, download your cheerful picture – and wait for the quest to contact you..

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