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Hello and welcome to our team! You are one of us if you like Moscow and enjoy new people.
If you like a foreign guest who contacts you – just be a friend to him while he is in Moscow, walk with him, tell him about the city (but do not overload with info), be a nice company so that he tells about you to his friends when back home.
The quest pays 200 euros for a day company, you get 100 euros (yes, we also take money for managing the project)).
You have to have good command of English, be punctual, responsive, try to feel the needs and the wishes of your quest.
The rest is up to you. No fixed programme. No limits. Just stay sane)
And don’t forget to report to us about the end of your trip so that we arrange the final payment. Usually you get 50 euros via bank transaction before the trip and 50 euros after.

Do I have to know any foreign language?
Yes, English intermediate and upper is a must-have, other languages help you get more clients.
Do I have to have special education?
No, all we need is that you love your city, what is very important – know your city, and have some basic info that you can share with people in a nice interesting manner.
What if I arranged the meeting and am not able to come? Or we failed to meet with the guest? Or that there are some problems?
Always keep us informed about the way the trip goes – email, whatsup, call – in case of any problems we are the people you call first.
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